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Over 100 Years of Service

Through the years, the Glenview Fire Department has met the needs and challanges of a growing community. As the Village has expanded, so have we, evolving from an all volunteer force to 5 firehouses staffed by high skilled full-time firefighters/paramedics.



Glenview Incorporates

In 1898, an election was held to vote for incorporation. The issue was defeated. A year later, in 1899, the question was again placed before the people and this time carried by 8 votes. A charter was issued on June 20, 1899, and Glenview was incorporates as a Village with 325 adults.


Glenview forms a Volunteer Fire Department.


Glenbrook constructs station 7 on south side of town at 3507 Glenview Road.


Glenview Fire Department becomes a full time department with six full member.s


Glenbrook introduces Paramedics.


Glenbrook constructs station 8 at 1901 Landwehr Road.


Glenview introduces Paramedics


Glenview expands station 6 for an increased response area at 1815 Glenview Road


Merger of Glenview and Glenbrook Fire Departments

As unincorporated sections of Glenview and Northbrook became annexed by each village, the Glenbrook Fire Protection District faced declining revenues could no longer sustain a full time department. In 1992, the Glenbrook and Glenview fire departments merged personnel, equipment, and fire houses. The Glenbrook Fire Protection District still exists as a taxing body that contracts with the Village of Glenview for paramedic and fire services.


Naval Air Station Closes

After more than 57 years of service to the military, Naval Air Station Glenview is decommissioned and the base is turned over to the Village of Glenview for redevelopment. Without increasing personnel the fire department increase its response area by 18%.


Glenview firefighters raise over $300,000 for the families of heroic first responders who died at the World Trade Center.


Formation of IAFF Glenview Local 4186


Collective Bargaining Unit Recognized

In 2003, a vote was held to be recognized as a collective bargaining unit. The issue was defeated. A year later, in 2004, the question was again placed before the members and passed by a majority. The members officially filed as a collective bargaining unit to negotiate a contract with the Village of Glenview.


Construction of Station 13 and 14

In order to maintain response times in an expanding service area the Village constructs Station 13 at 831 East Lake Avenue and Station 14 at 2250 Patriot Boulevard. These new firehouses are staffed by existing personnel and equipment.


First Contract Ratified

After two years of research and negotiation, the first contract is voted on and ratified by the members of Local 4186 and the Village of Glenview.

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