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Please sign the petition below to demonstrate your support for keeping Glenview Fire Station 13 and Engine 13 open and in service. Help stop the Glenview Board of Trustees from permanently closing this vital station. Please have every member of your household fill out this petition separately. Don't forget to share this petition with your family, friends and neighbors!

Thank you for fighting to save Glenview Fire Station 13! Please forward this petition to all your friends, family, and neighbors!

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The Glenview Firefighters Local 4186 stands against the decision to close Fire Station 13 at Lake and Wagner. Closing of Station 13 will compromise emergency services to the entire village, especially the East side of Glenview. We cannot support this reduction in emergency service because:
  • It compromises public safety
  • It increases emergency response times
  • It is against the Village's expert consultant advice
Please sign the petition above to express to the Village of Glenview Board of Trustees to KEEP STATION 13 and ENGINE 13 OPEN and IN SERVICE!

Tell the Glenview Board of Trustees and Glenview Villager Manager to STOP THE CLOSURE OF GLENVIEW FIRE STATION 13

James Patterson, Glenview Board of Trustees President   (847) 904-4370

Michael Jenny, Trustee (Current candidate for Glenview Board of Trustees President, running unopposed)   847-904-4508

Mary Cooper, Trustee  (847) 904-4370

Chuck Gitles, Trustee  (847) 904-4370

John Hinkamp, Trustee  847-486-8540

Karim Khoja, Trustee  847-791-0572

Deborah Karton, Trustee   847-441-5911

Matt Formica, Glenview Village Manager   (847) 904-4370

All contact information is publicly available on the Village of Glenview website.

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