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Glenview Firefighters St. Baldrick's Fundraising Event

Join us at Grandpa's Place in Glenview on Saturday March 26 for the Glenview Firefighters vs Northbrook Firefighters St. Baldrick's event! Members of Glenview Local 4186 and Northbrook Local 1894 will be going head to head to raise money and shave heads for pediatric cancer through the St. Baldrick's Foundation. In 2021, members of both locals raised $6800 to help the cause! Check out the official event page for more information!

St. Baldrick's is the top non-government funded childhood cancer research foundation in the United States. Since 2005, the charity has raised over $314 million to support research and clinical trials for pediatric cancer. We look forward to keeping this annual event going and helping give back to the community any way we can!

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