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Glenview Firefighters

Local 4186
Service - Professionalism - Community

A member of the International Association of Firefighters, the Glenview Professional Firefighters Association Local 4186 proudly represents the active and retired firefighters, lieutenants and captains of the Glenview Fire Department in Glenview, IL.

Glenview Fire Stations
St 6.jpg

Station 6 - Headquarters

24/7/365 Emergency Vehicles

Battalion 6

Engine 6

Ambulance 6

St 7.jpg

Station 7

24/7/365 Emergency Vehicles

Engine 7

Ambulance 7

St 8.jfif

Station 8

24/7/365 Emergency Vehicles

Engine 8

Ambulance 8


Station 13 - SAVED!

24/7/365 Emergency Vehicles

Engine 13

St 14.jfif

Station 14

24/7/365 Emergency Vehicles

Truck 14

Who We Are

Established in 2002, Local 4186 is dedicated to securing improvements in safety, benefits, wages, and working conditions for our members and working families everywhere.

Not only do we serve the community, but our members also support the communities in which we serve. Through benevolence and hard work our membership has raised over $130,000 for local charities.

Our Mission
  • To promote as safe and healthy a working environment for our fire fighters as is possible through modern technology

  • To promote the establishment of just and reasonable working conditions

  • To place the members of our Association on a higher plane of skill and efficiency

  • To secure just compensation for our services and equitable settlement of our grievances

  • To promote harmonious relations between our fire fighters and our employer

  • To cultivate friendship and fellowship among our members

  • To promote fire safety and prevention

  • To be active in the community we serve

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